How is the resource hub structured? Is it a physical building?

A: The CSR Hub is a service centre, not a physical building. The two implementing organisations will coordinate the Hub activities and participating organizations can access all services as far as they meet the criteria.


What are the aims and objectives of Hub?

A: The main aims of the CSR Hub are two-fold; to adequately equip civil society organisations in West Africa to respond to a rapidly shrinking civic space and to expand civil society access to funding opportunities and resource mobilisation mechanisms.


What are the criteria for admission into the Hub?

A: The preliminary criteria for participation in the hub is organisations that are operating in West Africa and working on defending the civic space or democratic consolidation. This is in addition to other criteria that will be specified for each strategic pillar.


Is there a fee to access the services proved by the hub?

A: No. The CSR Hub is supported by Ford Foundation. Participating organisations will not have to pay any money or fee for any of the services offered.


Is the hub open to participants outside the 3 focal countries?

A: The services of the Hub are concentrated in three focal countries – Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal. For now, even though activities for the Hub are concentrated in these three countries, participants from other countries can send specific requests to any of the implementing partners and their requests will be considered as part of regional interventions.


What is the selection process? Is it by nomination or an open call for applications?

A: There are several entry points into the Hub. Open calls for applications into specific strategic pillars will be published as well as nominations, especially from civil society networks.