Reimagining the role of Civil Society in a Closed Civic Space in West Africa: From a Futures and Systems Thinking Perspective

As the third sector actors convene at the West Africa Civil Society Week, a resounding question emerges: How can we, as agents of change in the civil society space, respond effectively to the challenges that threaten the foundations of democracy and civic space in West Africa?

The answer lies in our collective capacity to understand the complexities of the political, social and economic systems in the region and learn how to navigate them. Futures and systems thinking provide us with tools to not only foresee potential challenges but also to understand the complexity and dynamics within a governance framework.

In a landscape where civic space is shrinking and democratic values are tested, the power to reimagine our roles and strategies becomes a glimmer of hope.

Both methodologies give us a holistic view of democratic governance and help us strategically position ourselves to navigate the evolving landscapes of political, social, and economic challenges.

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